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Zero Point Theory

Disclaimer: Peter Leon is a longtime friend of mine, I even dedicated my new book to him, we played together in the tragically underexposed band Bicycle Fight and I’ve acted in a bunch of his previous movies. In short, he’s my dude.

That being said, as objective as I can be; his new film looks fucking bonkers and I’m into it.

Leon describes his latest movie Zero Point Theory as a sci-fi, time travel, action comedy set in the Prohibition era 1920s. Watching the trailer it gives off a Looper by way of Edgar Wright or maybe early Kevin Smith vibe.

Take a gander at the trailer:

Leon is an independent artist in every sense of the word. He raises the funds himself, he co-writes, directs and edits his own stuff and he answers to no one. He’s an inspiration to me in a lot of ways. I think everyone knows talented people in their life but sometimes it’s hard to find talented and motivated people. People who don’t just talk about their dreams but get off their ass and make it happen.

Leon is that for me.  Zero Point Theory is like his 15th movie or something at this point and he keeps upping his game, you can check out the rest of his cinematic oeuvre here.

Zero Point Theory will be premering at the Loft Cinema in Tucson on 5-3-17. And if you’re not lucky enough to live in fabulous Tucson Arizona then after that date you’ll be able to purchase the film on or Peter Leon’s site.