This Is Horror's Book Review of An Augmented Fourth by Tony McMillen

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"The individual elements of character, setting and description are intertwined like a strand of DNA to give this tale life and readers a quality read. Unlike so many of the rock and roll heroes of yore, Tony McMillen’s second release delivers on the promise made with his debut. And it cements his place as an author with a reputation as a wonderful storyteller."

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Most Metal Book Selfie Contest by Tony McMillen

Published Author and Married Adult Human Person Tony McMillen

Published Author and Married Adult Human Person Tony McMillen

Book selfie contest go! Whoever can take the most metal book selfie wins. My new book An Augmented Fourth comes out Tuesday and to celebrate I'm looking for metal book selfies with your copy of my book to be posted leading up to August 4th (Aug 4th, marketing) where I will announce the winner. You will get two pieces of my original art of your choosing as well as an Augmented 4th Tee shirt. Now here's a pic of me setting the metal bar impossibly high.

Good luck, shred tightly. 

Free Download of "Beyond This Sleepless Dream" an original song from The Soundtrack for An Augmented Fourth by Tony McMillen

Pretty neat, huh? Download the song for free here.

If you've had a chance to watch the snazzy new book trailer for the novel An Augmented Fourth you might have heard some choogling doomy tunes playing during it that you will have found yourself headbanging along to almost as if against your will. These are the unearthed tracks from the masters of metal, England's Frivolous Black, the first and mightiest metal band of them all. And whose bass player and lyricist Codger Burton finds himself as the main character thrown in the darkness and danger of the novel An Augmented Fourth. 

These exhumed lost classics are now available as free downloads, so rejoice you black hearted children of the gloaming. 

"Beyond This Sleepless Dream" was the first single off Friv's legendary third album Summoner of Sorrows released in 1973; widely regarded critically as the group's finest effort. 

The other lost necro nugget is the song entitled "Frivolous Black " from the band Frivolous Black which was also the first number on their debut album of the name Frivolous Black. Fuck you Bad Company, they did it first.