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Found Metal Fridays

My new heavy metal horror novel An Augmented Fourth comes out this June.

To mark the occasion I'm going to bring you '"Found Metal" on Fridays.

Found Metal is pop culture stuff dredged up from the corners of mother internet that aren’t explicitly heavy metal in and of themselves but nevertheless they still possess that unnameable thing that makes something metal. Some things just have that connotation with them and it’s hard to say exactly why. Metal is one of those things that’s impossible to define exactly but you know it when you see it.

This week's found metal comes from a reader! John Coco let me know about Russain artist Geliy Korzhev (1925-2012) and his  powerful and political later work.

Starting in the 70s Korzhev didn't like the way that the his Soviet country was warming up to capitalism and viewed it as a betrayal of the Socialist culture he grew up in. 

The Russian version of Lilo and Stitch has some minor differences. 

The Russian version of Lilo and Stitch has some minor differences. 

He never changed his mind either so by the late 1990s when he was supposed to receive a state award refused a state awad by the government of the new Russian Federation he refused and wrote :

“I was born in the Soviet Union and sincerely believed in the ideas and ideals of the time. Today, they are considered a historical mistake. Now Russia has a social system directly opposite to the one under which I, as an artist, was brought up. The acceptance of a state award would be equal to a confession of my hypocrisy throughout my artistic career. I request that you consider my refusal with due understanding.”


For bringing this found metal to my attention I'm going to give John a prize. Do you want a prize? 

If you got something you think is found metal send me an email with it and if I use it I'll send you some sort of prize. Hit me up at: