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Read "The Bleeding Tree" A New Excerpt from Nefarious Twit

creature moonlight sized bob I always liked creation myths so I invented one and it tucked away in the 17th chapter of my novel Nefarious Twit. This is a Darjmainian creation myth, you've probably never heard of the Darjmainians because you're just not cool enough. Also maybe because the Darjmainians are a wholly fictional culture I invented for Nefarious Twit and have now used for a few other short stories as well. Sadly they're one of the most conquered and overridden societies in the world which means that their myths and fables have been heavily influenced by everyone else's. Bit of Greek, bit of Mongolian, bit of everything. Yet you can still detect a bit of pure Darjmainian flavor in there if you smell hard enough. Pay attention, kids,  the myth of the Bleeding Tree might come into play for my next novel too...

Read "The Bleeding Tree" here.