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I'll Be Reading at Trident Booksellers with Authors Brian Costello, Mel Bosworth and Brent Rydin

1525032_10153754322690245_1415117916_n Looks like I'm starting out the new year right by being part of this cool reading and author discussion event being held at Trident Booksellers on Wednesday January 14th at 7pm. I'll be there reading from Nefarious Twit  ( or maybe something foxy and new, I haven't decided) and supporting some talented writers from Curbside Splendor Publishing who will be reading their stuff! The event will be free and everyone is invited. Yes, even you.

Here's some info on who these authors are from Trident's write up:

"Trident welcomes Brian Costello, Mel Bosworth, Tony McMillen, and Brent Rydin for an evening of reading and discussion of their various works.

ABOUT THE BOOKS: Book: Loosing in Gainesville - Author: Brian Costello

Set in mid-1990s Florida, Losing in Gainesville hilariously explores what failure means in a culture where everyone is supposed to win. Razorcake praised Brian Costello's first novel for its language and attention to detail and Bookslut lauded its dialogue and conversational narrator. These strengths are once again on display in Losing in Gainesville. With an ensemble cast of slackers, burn-outs, musicians, and dreamers, who are all losing something—their youth, their ambitions, their careers, their children, their former identities—Costello builds a sun-bleached world of people struggling to understand what it means to succeed on their terms.

Book: Nefarious Twit - Author: Tony McMillen

Madness. Murder. Children’s literature. Nefarious Twit, the ferociously clever debut from author Tony McMillen. After his mother commits suicide, Rick Lime decides to finally find his father, the legendary children’s book author known as Nefarious Twit. The same Nefarious Twit who disappeared from the public eye 22 years ago abandoning Rick and Rick’s mother at the height of his fame after releasing one final controversial children’s book. Rick Lime has decided to find his father so that he can murder him. Along for the ride is Rick’s violent but fiercely loyal half-brother Lou. Both of them are addicted to a strange drug called Vitrillum and as they set out for misguided vengeance their drug-soaked journey begins to resemble one of Nefarious Twit’s children stories. Bleakly funny, beautifully sad, and profoundly strange, Nefarious Twit is a stylish and defiant debut novel about how the things we leave unfinished may end up being the things that finish us.

Book: Freight - Author: Mel Bosworth

“This unflinching, quirky tale follows a flawed yet lovable everyman as he searches for Home. We never learn his name. Nor do we learn her name-the woman whose freight is still too much for him to carry. But we know he likes soft things. We know he works through pain. We know his childhood still clings to him, despite his graying hair. And through knowing him and all his freight, ours is easier to bear.”

Author Brent Rydin

Brent will be reading an unpublished story called "Lakes So Big You Can't See the Other Side."

Here's the Facebook Event that Trident has set up with more info for you.

And here's Trident's Address on Bing Maps if you need directions.