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Tales From the Crust

Yes, I am part of a pizza themed horror anthology. Yes, there are puns.


The toppings: Terror and torment.

The crust: Stuffed with dread and despair.

And the sauce: Well, the sauce is always red.

Whether you’re in the mood for a Chicago-style deep dish of darkness, or prefer a New York wide slice of thin-crusted carnage, or if you just have a hankering for the cheap, cheesy charms of cardboard-crusted, delivered-to-your-door devilry; we have just the slice for you.

Bring your most monstrous of appetites, because we’re serving suspense and horrors both chillingly cosmic and morbidly mundane from acclaimed horror authors such as Brian Evenson, Jessica McHugh, and Cody Goodfellow, as well as up-and-coming literary threats like Craig Wallwork, Sheri White, and Tony McMillen.

Tales from the Crust, stories you can devour in thirty minutes or less or the next one’s free. Whatever that means.

Tales from the Crust will be delivered to your door on August 27th, and it's currently available for pre-order over on Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing's website. It's available not only in paperback and digital formats, but they're also offering a Special Delivery Edition consisting of the anthology printed as a 8 1/2 inch square hardbound book, plus a variety of bonuses including a pizza cutter, coaster, stickers, keychain, and a pen shipped in an authentic pizza box. Now that’s a spicy anthology! The Special Delivery Edition box set is limited to 100 copies, so order yours before supplies run out!

Pre-order "Tales From the Crust" Now!

George Cotronis created the paperback front cover, and Lori Michelle conjured up the hardback artwork.