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Lumen: Sneak Peek at Issue # 1

lumen title block.jpg

Here are the first 6 pages of my upcoming comic book Lumen, issue 1. They serve as a prologue for the whole saga. If you've read the 12 page comic I put up a few weeks ago these are the 6 pages preceding that which gives us a total of 18 pages towards an extra big 36 page first issue.

The plan is to make 4 issues, print them and put them out monthly, selling some in local comic shops but most online through either my squarespace shop or my etsy.

They will be a super limited small print run, each signed and numbered by famous author and artist Tony McMillen.

Get excited.

page 1 no the smaller text.jpg
page 2 smaller font.jpg
page 3.jpg
page 4.jpg
page 5.jpg
page 6.jpg