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Lumen Issue 3 is Now for Sale


I’m about to publish the third issue of my comic book series! Feels good, gang, feels good. In issue 3 we go “into the fungeon” as part 3 of the “Fallen Stars” storyline continues. A lot of stuff goes down in this issue, some new characters, some more explanations of previous characters and a lot more questions brim to the surface here.

Lumen Issue 3 Rough-1.jpg

 I think I’m proudest of this issue so far, mostly because I stretched my muscles a little further with this one.

 Which is a big part of why doing Lumen has been so rewarding for me, I’m a lifelong comic book reader and have been an artist for most of the time as well but I never really committed to trying sequential art all by myself before. Well, I’m real happy I did.

Because these are different muscles than the ones used for writing stories with prose, or for penning lyrics or making guitar riffs or creating a melody or anything else I’ve dabbled (mastered the fuck out of) in. On top of that I’m right in the sweet spot of still being overall excited about making the work and not yet dragged down by self-inflicted criticism or self-doubt. Not that those are bad things per se, just as long as they make you work harder to make better work and don’t cause you to quit altogether.

Which I don’t see myself doing with any of the stuff I like to do. I’ve already written a trilogy of novels which I hope to have ready for release next year, I have maybe 7-9 songs almost ready to work up with a band and then record, and I have lots more ideas for Lumen and other comics.

 The way I think this will shake out is after issue 4 comes out at the end of December, I’ll take a 3-month break, work on some novel stuff (maybe a whole new book) and then in 4 month’s time you’ll see issue 5 of Lumen. I’ll put up a subscription offer for the next 4 issues and then we’ll continue the process and see how it goes.

 Oh, and I might do a trade collecting the first 4 issues too in the meantime.


Thanks again for sketching along my underbelly.


No, you’re the one who made this weird.

Order issue 3 here.