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Found Metal Friday!

My new heavy metal horror novel An Augmented Fourth comes out June 27th.

To mark the occasion I'm going to bring you '"Found Metal" on Fridays.

Found Metal is pop culture stuff I’ve dredged up from the corners of my mind and mother internet that aren’t explicitly heavy metal in and of themselves but nevertheless they still possess that unnamable thing that makes something metal. Some things just have that connotation with them and it’s hard to say exactly why. Metal is one of those things that’s impossible to define exactly but you know it when you see it.

Today's found metal is me, motherfucker. Yes, yes, I use swears. If you've had a chance to watch the snazzy new book trailer for the novel you might have heard some choogling doomy tunes playing during it that you will have found yourself to headbanging along to almost against your will. These are the unearthed tracks from the masters of metal, England's Frivolous Black, the first and mightiest metal band of them all. And whose bass player and lyricist Codger Burton finds himself as the main character in my novel An Augmented  Fourth. I hate to be a tease but you're going to have to wait just a little longer to hear these fabulous Friv tunes in their entirety. But how long depends on you....

Next week I will make the first of these exhumed lost classics available as a free download, if you don't want to wait for your metal injection then share the video trailer on Facebook, Twitter or go door to door informing folks, film that and then post it on Facebook. Once this thing hits 50 shares Frivolous Black will be banging away on your earballs and for free.  Would you really pay for something like that? Of course you would.

So next week I'll be debuting the main song used in the trailer which is called, "Beyond This Sleepless Dream" which was the first single off their legendary album Summoner of Sorrows from 1973; widely regarded critically as the group's finest effort. And as the book release is less than two weeks away I'll be releasing the other lost necro nugg, the song entitled "Frivolous Black " from the band Frivolous Black which was also the first number on their debut album of the name Frivolous Black. Fuck you Bad Company, they did it first.