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Found Metal Friday!

Bubo, baby.

Bubo, baby.

My new heavy metal horror novel An Augmented Fourth comes out this June.

To mark the occasion I'm going to bring you '"Found Metal" on Fridays.

Found Metal is pop culture stuff I’ve dredged up from the corners of my mind and mother internet that aren’t explicitly heavy metal in and of themselves but nevertheless they still possess that unnamable thing that makes something metal. Some things just have that connotation with them and it’s hard to say exactly why. Metal is one of those things that’s impossible to define exactly but you know it when you see it.

Today's found metal is motherfucking owls. The owls are exactly what they seem and that's metal as hell and don't let any severed wood loving broad tell you different.

log lady

Owls are beautiful and sinister often carrying the connotation of wisdom in myth and story and beyond all that a lot of them can rotate their heads all the way around making them the ultimate headbangers. 

Special attention must be paid to my kid, Bubo from Clash of the Titans. Bubo, an owl made of metal that was steampunk before jagbags at county fairs ruined that for everyone.  

Here's some gorgeous shots of owl carnage, pairs well with Deftones, Faith No More and early Slayer.



Get out your metal detectors!

If you got something you think is unintentionally brutal or accidentally scary send that found metal to me via an email and if I use it I'll send you some sort of prize. Hit me up at: