Come Touch The Wonder

I'll Be At Boston Comic Con This Saturday and Sunday

13939504_10206749107750157_1647495408991385592_n I love being at Boston Comic Con.

I’ve done New York and a few other cons scattered throughout New England and Boston is my favorite.

I will be making my third appearance with Bad Kids Press there; we’ll be in the gulags at Artist Alley at tables E1000-1003. I’ll be taking over an entire half table myself and it will be spilling over with my prints, original art, copies of my novel Nefarious Twit, copies of the graphic novel I made with artist Catalina Rufin titled Oblivion Suite and whatever the hell else I feel like slapping down.

Sorry to be so forward.

I enjoy hawking my wares but the most fun I have at cons are the conversations. Real, lively conversations between me and other fans, between me and creators who I admire and between creators I’m just finding out about. There’s too much talent in the world and I am in possession of far too little of it.

Luckily when I leave a good con I always feel a recharge on my batteries and I set to plugging away again so I can nab more of it.

If you’re at the con this year come find me (Artist Alley E1000-1003) and we can argue about why Stranger Things isn’t as good as everyone says it is. Also we can plot to steal more of that talent for ourselves.


I’m selling Nefarious Twit at a special con price of $12 a pop

Oblivion Suite will be discounted to $10 a piece too.

Large color prints, (22x14) $10 bucks

Smaller color prints, (8x14) $5 bucks

I’ll have some original art with me, pick one you like and talk to me, and we’ll hash out a deal.

Here’s a little preview I’ve been busy getting in the drawing mood:

                                                Click and Scroll Through