Come Touch The Wonder



Subtitle: Wonderstruck/ A Gathering of the Touchlings

Yes, you read right, 34 year-old wunderkind Tony McMillen, the rakishly handsome author of Nefarious Twit and Oblivion Suite has finally grown tired of being selfish with his various god-given gifts and wants to show off in front of you people for about an hour. He will be playing  original songs written for voice and guitar as well as discussing his published works and detailing his upcoming heavy metal horror novella An Augmented Fourth.

This will be an interactive event that eschews the boring confines of usual author talks and readings instead choosing to celebrate openly the fact that the author in question is one of the finest showmen still operating unlicensed in these free territories.  The night promises to be a  veritable one man symposium as McMillen shreds the guitar sans electric and waxes poetic about fiction, pop culture and writing his own copy in the third person.

Come if you wish to discuss the merits of chocolate milk, clever women, and fast friendships.

Stay to get a signed copy of one of his novels or some delicious prints of his artwork.

In conclusion:

Tony McMillen is better at more things than you and he's sick of not showing you  it to your face.

The event is free and he may even make peanut butter and honey brown rice crispy treats (nothing has been promised)

we'd sell you the whole seat but you'd only need the edge....

Also it's free, as stated before.



407 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02144