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Kickstarter for A Bad Kid for All Seasons

BKPHolidayPromoSlide What’s your favorite holiday? I ask because I'm part of a 60 page holiday themed comic anthology  called A Bad Kid for All Seasons that we’re kickstartering (that’s how you say that, right?) right now, check out the Kickstarter here. 

We at Bad Kids Press wanted to do something big and we wanted to do it together so we hit upon on the idea of a holiday themed comic book. Instead of picking one holiday and having it come out during the corresponding time of the year we thought it much more fun to make stories revolving around a bunch of different holidays and throw them all together in one big funny book bouillabaisse. Plus, since it encompasses a number of holidays the book isn't fettered to a certain time of year.

Basically, we’re geniuses.

One great part about this Kickstarter is that the book is 100% finished. It’s just waiting there to get unleashed upon the world. But even cooler is the fact that it’s a really diverse comic collection from a group of Boston area creators who all do very disparate work. And the anthology reflects these differing approaches as it covers various holidays including obvious popular ones like Easter, Christmas and Halloween but also some odd duck curveball stuff like Wren Day and Walpurgisnacht.

Here’s a little peek at what I’m talking about, here are the contains and credits for the book:

Walpurgisnacht by Jonny Bloozit

Teach Comix: Plastic Paddy's By Chris Miller & Matt Bessette

The Somme 1916- By Robert Howard & Daniel P. Neville

The Samhain by Art O'Callaghan

Arbor Day By Tony McMillen

Nox Europa Preview by Matt Bessette

Chilling Tales of the GWF: The Rise of Chaka by Robert Howard, Bill Imbrogna & Max Wolman

The Egg by Tonya Ratz & Ross Grifkin

My Drunk Uncle Ben By Daniel P. Neville

Utsava on the Wrong Side of the Tracks by Jonny Bloozit

Wren Day by Nathan Kitler.

I chose Arbor Day for my 6 page story because I'm an arty wiseass and I because I love drawing big creepy trees.

tree color page 1 copy


With A Bad Kid for All Seasons we at Bad Kids Press are looking to raise some scratch to not only get the thing printed but also help us pay for our tables at Boston Comic Con this year. Last year was a big success for the crew  and we’re expanding for 2016 with more tables, more swag, more members, more everything.

Thanks for hearing me out and if you think the book looks cool, throw in some bones and get yourself a copy and some of the extra stuff we offering to boot.

By the by, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, even though it’s a sham (we’re celebrating killing people and stealing their land...thanks?) but for me I look at it as a yearly excuse to eat some really good food with people I avoid every other day of the year. ...thanks some more?