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I Met Thomas Jane and Blew My Chance for Mega Fame (Nefarious Twit Sells Out at Boston Comic Con!)

download (1) Thanks, Boston.   I sold out of Nefarious Twit! Thanks to Bad Kids Press and Bob from Comicazi for putting me up with a table.

I also blew my one chance for mega fame. See I actually brought a personal copy of Twit just to give to somebody important if they happened to show themselves at the con. Well, at the end of the con Thomas Jane walks up to our table and is reading the back of Nefarious Twit and I talked him up for a while. He was super polite but he left without the book saying thanks and just walked away and I didn't stop and tell him to just take the copy. What was I thinking? Guess I'll never be famous now.

Also I didn't even tell him he fucking ruled in Boogie Nights.

Thomas, I'm sorry.

Oh, and I had a  lively chat on WEMF Radio's excellent show Citywide Blackout. I talk about Twit, prog rock, Bjork, death, how I met my fiance, more Bjork and my new comic book Oblivion Suite.


Listen here.