Come Touch The Wonder

Happy First Birthday to Nefarious Twit

twit birthday It's practically a Darjmainian holiday! Yeah, yeah, I know Amazon says the book was released on December 15th but we all know my book came in a little earlier than that. So, since it’s been a year since Twit was Kraken released on an unsuspecting but eternally grateful public let me just tell everybody who’s come along for the ride thanks as well as tell you where the ride is taking us next.

Sincerely, thank you everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter and who shared the Kickstarter while it was live. Thanks to my friend Tom Majkut for shooting my Kickstarter video.

Thank you everyone who bought the book, who read the book, who shared the book, who reviewed the book or who gave it a rating on Amazon or Goodreads.

Thanks to the Booked Podcast and to Books and Booze for reviewing the book and having me on the air. Same goes to The Good American Show. Thanks to LitReactor for having Nefarious Twit be their Book Club Book of the Month for March of last year. Thanks to everyone else who interviewed me or did a review of the book.

Thank you everyone who came out to one of my readings or signings for the book, I went to a good chunk of shows, had a table at New York Comic Con and Boston Comic Con, did a Q and A at Trident books, a panel at Arlington Book Fest, a book launch at Comicazi, and a lot of other places too that I can’t even remember anymore; point is, everyone who came to see me and everyone who just happened to meet me and take an interest in my novel, thank you.

Which reminds me, an extra big thank you to Comicazi, to Bob Howard and to David Lockwood and to everyone else there who helped promote my book like nobody else. You’re the best damn comic book store I’ve ever stepped foot in. You make me want to be a better man.

Thank you to all the other bookstores and shops that carryTwit.

Trident Booksellers

Fantasy Comics

Porter Square Books

Harvard Bookstore

Newbury Comics

Million Year Picnic

New England Comics

Book Rack

Finally, thank you to author David David Katzman and to Taylor Hendel for reading early drafts of the book and for editing and offering some good advice, I listened to most of it.

To anyone I didn’t thank, you didn’t do anything. Try harder next time.


Now that all that feely touching junk is out of the way what’s the news? What’s next for Captain Handsome and his word farm, what can we expect from him next year?

First up, early next year expect a new edition of Nefarious Twit with CGI dinosaurs and less muppets plus Greedo just straight up shooting himself in his own head while Han pleads for him to reconsider. No, the Twit story will remain the same I’m just getting another line edit done to tidy up all the damn typos that are still floating around in the text.

After that, well, it’s probably going to be at least another year until novel number 2 is ready. Don’t expect to hear much about it until that shit is ready to pop. All I’ll say is it’s ambitious and if I pull it off it’ll be the best thing I’ve done so far.

Hopefully I pull it off, right?

But before extra mystero novel 2 even pokes its head through the bog keep an eye out for the comic book I’ve been working on with artist Catalina Rufin. It’s called Oblivion Suite. It’s about a fictional 1970’s prog band named Figgy Pudding that is transported into an alternate dimension seemingly made from their own concept albums and which gives the band the chance to save their former, mentally unhinged lead singer.

That’s that.

Have a good year, I’m planning to.