Come Touch The Wonder

I Got a Table at New York Comic Con This Year


  After the success and good times at Boston Comic Con this August I decided to take my show on the road and will be hitting up New York Comic Con October 9-12. I'll be at Booth 779,  holding down the fort with the other good people of Bad Kids Press.  I'll be giving away free bookmarks, selling art prints (check out a couple of the new ones in that pic) handing out my super handsome new business card to important people and of course selling and signing copies of my novel Nefarious Twit to the lowly commoners and colorfully costumed dregs of Comic Con.

So if you're at the con, come down to Booth 779 and introduce yourself and check out what I'm hawking or just come by and shoot the shit with me. And while you're there check out what some of the other folks at Bad Kids Press are  doing. Because there's plenty of cool stuff at this booth to dig on. Just follow the red robot in the picture to find me.

Trust me, your princess is not in another castle.