Come Touch The Wonder

Listen to the Classic Rock Soundtrack Behind my novel Nefarious Twit: Part 2


There is a lot of music in my novel Nefarious Twit. A lot. So here are some more of the songs featured in my novel and why I picked them for inclusion. If they turn my book into a fucking movie someday here’s the damn tracklisting:


Wham bam thank you glam, here's a double dose of David for you. These songs were both selected for mood, they're both heard at Fat Frank's house party, it just seems like the stuff a drug-dealing Sci-Fi enthusiast would listen to. Basically these are simply 2 of my favorite Bowie songs and I thought they'd fit.

Pixies, "Mr. Grieves"

Here's a sneaky song that's just hinted at in Nefarious Twit. The hint is only that Fat Frank, the Sci-Fi loving drug dealer's real name is Francis Grieves, I could have called him Black Francis Grieves but that's a bit too, you know, on the nose. Fun fact: Fat Frank's hepcat lingo was inspired by John Candy's performance in Oliver Stone's J.F.K.

Funner fact: This video for "Mr. Grieves" plays the song over footage from A Clockwork Orange for some reason, and it has Spanish subtitles.

Velvet Underground, "Sweet Jane"

And from one of the really cinematic moments I was going for in the book, almost to the point of a satire of those moments, is Nixon's debut in the book, cued to my favorite VU song as it plays in Rick's head. This was a moment that had to have music in it. I thought of these scene always, always with this song. Without the song I just don't know if the scene does the same thing.