Come Touch The Wonder

Nefarious Twit is LitReactor's Book Club Pick of the Month for March!


I'm very happy to share that my book has been picked by the good people at LitReactor as their Book Club Pick for the month of March. This means that they have set aside an entire forum for people who've read the book to discuss it. Love it, hate it, bit of both? Well, feel free to defend the book's honor to its detractors or flip that, and enjoy picking apart the book and making its fans weep profusely over their keyboards as you tell them why their love of Twit is unwarranted.

This discussion will be going on all month long, so whenever you're feeling froggy, pop over to the link below and starting telling everyone else why their opinion is wrong.

This is going to be a hoot.

Click here to go to the Book Club.