Come Touch The Wonder

FREE DOWNLOAD of VEKSUSS, my 31 page short story tie-in to the novel NEFARIOUS TWIT.


Click here to download a PDF of the story Many of the characters in my novel Nefarious Twit are Darjmainian. Darjmainia does not exist. This did not stop me from inventing a lot of fun and weird stuff for this fictional culture. One of my favorite bits was this piece of Darjmainian folklore, this story of the hero Veksuss. The myth of Veksuss is mentioned several times throughout the book so I decided to do the story properly which resulted in this little mini saga.

The tone of this story is quite different than the tone of Twit so it should not be taken as a representative of that novel's character.

This is its own thing. Which is dark, horrific fantasy. This is a heavy mettle strip turned into prose. This is blood, boobs, and beasts. This is a blacklight poster given life and made to wreak havoc and delight the forever teenage part of your brain.

This is like the producers of the Game of Thrones show decided to adapt one of Mastodon's songs off Blood Mountain into a movie.

This is fun.

This is also fucking crazy.


You should probably read Nefarious Twit first, but hey, it's your world, playboy.