Come Touch The Wonder

Nefarious Twit Update, Kickstarter Coming in October!


“Ne, Ne, Nefarious. ” (Hear it in your head to the tune of “Notorious” by Duran Duran)

Nefarious Twit update time, boom! Okay, here’s the deal. If all goes according to the grand Twit plan you poor people should start being inundated with links to my Kickstarter video for my upcoming novel in early October.  Here's the actual cover:


That gives you almost a month to start saving your money so you can get this book and all the other goodies I’m cooking up here. We at the “Old Fashioned, New-Fangled, Nefarious Twit Company” (We’re a reading concern) recommend any one of the following in order to procure the appropriate sums to aid our endeavor.

  1. Asking your boss for a raise.
  2. Picking up a second job, or a third if applicable. (Actually if you find anything good pass it along to me)
  3. Asking those new bosses for raises as well.
  4. Renegotiating your allowance. (Really clean that room of yours)
  5. Consider Walter Whiteing it for a bit. (It’s for the greater good)
  6. Invest your money instead in the patriotic art of counterfeit bill generating.
  7. Maybe don’t go see the Robocop remake when it comes out. (Just kidding, no one is going to see the Robocop remake when it comes out. Prove me wrong 2nd trailer, prove me wrong!)

But just so you know, when I say, “We at the Old Fashioned, New-Fangled, Nefarious Twit Company” I really mean “we” as in you and me. Because even though the book is written and the art is finished the book still needs someone to read it. It needs someone to help spread the word that it’s coming out. And once you read it, and hopefully decide that you like it, it needs someone (a lot of someones) to tell other people that they think it’s worth checking out.

It needs you.

So get ready for it and for Nefarious Twit’s imminent Kickstarter campaign. 

Which will include stuff like what this book is even all about. (What’s the deal with the two-headed red wolf and the ladders?)

What your money will be going towards. (All those ladders and two-headed monsters aren’t cheap. Actually, those were free, I made them. But there’s other stuff.)

And what kind of super cool extras and rewards I’ve got planned for the folks who back the book.

So, see you again in October, gang. And seriously, the new Robocop trailer is breaking my heart.