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Nefarious Twit

Madness. Murder. Children’s literature. Nefarious Twit, the ferociously clever debut from author Tony McMillen.

After his mother commits suicide, Rick Lime decides to finally find his father, the legendary children’s book author known as Nefarious Twit. The same Nefarious Twit who disappeared from the public eye 22 years ago abandoning Rick and Rick’s mother at the height of his fame after releasing one final controversial children’s book. Rick Lime has decided to find his father so that he can murder him.

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Oblivion Suite

A 70 page comic book written by Tony McMillen and illustrated by Catalina Rufin.

1977, Figgy Pudding is the biggest prog rock band in the world.
But their success came at the cost of their former leader Vix Bixby’s sanity… Now the remaining band members have been given the chance to save Vic from the clutches of his own creativity by entering the realm where ideas come from…
…the Oblivion Suite.

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