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          Nice Stuff Said About the Book

“McMillen’s debut is a lot of things: dark, drug-addled, deftly gritty…but above all else, it’s just really fucking good. Here’s hoping that “Nefarious Twit” is but the first of many releases from this talented new author.”
 — Brandon Tietz, author of Good Sex, Great Prayers and Out of Touch
“…a dysfunctional family comedy and a subtly askew portrait of the literary life. This book is mature, dark, funny, well written and exciting.”
— Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls
“Some of the best books I’ve read have worked to either “make the alien familiar” or “make the familiar alien,” but this might be the first case of making the alien alien…”
—David James Keaton, author of The Last Projector and Pig Iron.

Description of What This Damn Thing is All About

Madness. Murder. Children’s literature. Nefarious Twit, the ferociously clever debut from author Tony McMillen.

After his mother commits suicide, Rick Lime decides to finally find his father, the legendary children’s book author known as Nefarious Twit. The same Nefarious Twit who disappeared from the public eye 22 years ago abandoning Rick and Rick’s mother at the height of his fame after releasing one final controversial children’s book. Rick Lime has decided to find his father so that he can murder him.

Along for the ride is Rick’s violent but fiercely loyal half-brother Lou. Both of them are addicted to a strange drug called Vitrillum and as they set out for misguided vengeance their drug-soaked journey begins to resemble one of Nefarious Twit’s children stories. Reality and Twit’s stories seem to converge as the brothers follow the path of the dark ladder, the ominous symbol from Twit’s most popular books, which appears to be leading them right to the author.

Featuring 14 full-page illustrations Nefarious Twit is a bent, psychedelic odyssey through the darker parts of North America. There are stop offs involving blissful, stoned children on psychotropic drugs administered by their mothers, the joys of erectile dysfunction, and the prevailing myth of the Wandering Jew. Bleakly funny, beautifully sad, and profoundly strange, Nefarious Twit is a stylish and defiant debut novel about how the things we leave unfinished may end up being the things that finish us.

Like Shel Silverstein by way of William S. Burroughs.

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Some More Nice Stuff Said About the Book

“Many readers will enjoy its fantasy elements of pharmacological psychedelia, alternative geography, and mythmaking…Major points for           originality. Big points for (t)wit and entertainment.”
Gordon Highland, author of Flashover and Major Inversions.
 “McMillen delivers a literary tale about relationships minus the typical literary stuffiness. This book will appeal to a wide audience.”             
Livius Nedin, Co-host of the Booked Podcast.

Nefarious Twit was LitReactor’s Book Club Selection for March 2014.